• A kitchen wrap is an affordable way to bring your dated kitchen back to life!!
  • The process is wrapping coloured vinyl around your existing kitchen doors. The full door is wrapped front,  back and sides, giving you a brand new looking door.
  • There are many colours to choose from and all doors are thoroughly cleaned before any vinyl gets in contact. Handles are dipped and polished making these look like new. A 3m vinyl bonding agent is applied to curved edges to enhance adhesion.
  • The cupboard carcasse fronts, kickboards and all ends are also wrapped with chosen coloured vinyl to match the doors.
  • The whole process takes between one to three days depending on size of kitchen.
  • You can order online how many doors you need wrapped.
  • Door handles are available to buy online these will totally transform your newly wrapped doors!!
Finished Wrapped Kitchens

Prices may vary as every kitchen has a different layout *